What can you expect from a consult in your home?

My consults take some time. Depending on the issue at hand, it can be one to two hours. 

During this time I gather and document all the information that can affect breastfeeding, including how the pregnancy and delivery went, and relevant medical history. I examine the baby, in particular the baby’s mouth and tongue. I weigh the baby on my digital scale.

Now for the more hands-on part: feeding the baby. I assist the Mother in finding greater comfort with the baby at the breast. This can mean anything from helping with positioning to utilizing tools such as nipple shields or supplemental feeders. I may or may not do a post-feed weigh.

Baby Weighing

I provide a written Breastfeeding Care Plan with my suggestions so that the mother can reach her goals. The mother calls me as needed afterwards to review and revise the care plan.

I am based in Walnut Creek, California and will travel anywhere within a 30 minute drive.
The initial lactation consultation is $275.00. Follow up visits are $150.00.